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EBK supports you to the full extent of service phases 1-9 of the HOAI in the field of electrical engineering.

This includes in particular fire alarm systems (BMA) and voice alarm systems (SAA), low-voltage installation, lighting technology, KNX, intrusion detection systems (EMA), network technology, lightning protection technology, infrastructure systems, photovoltaic systems, etc.

In other words, everything you would expect from an electrical engineering company.

Would you like to work with a competent partner on an equal footing? We will be happy to advise you.

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HOAI Project supervision HOAI

Our project supervision service includes coordinating the parties involved, scheduling and monitoring, monitoring the construction work, documentation, invoice verification and cost control. At the end of the project, we ensure quality through technical inspections and acceptance recommendations.

In the final phase of project management, we identify defects through site inspections, monitor the rectification of defects and assist with the release of security deposits.

Renewable energies

Photovoltaic systems - from start to finish

Efficient profitability calculations Our profitability calculations ensure that your electrical engineering investments are both technically excellent and economically viable.

3D simulations Using advanced 3D technology, we visualize your projects at an early stage to identify and solve potential problems. If required, we can create a simple 3D model of your property.

Tailor-made quotations We provide detailed quotations based on your specific installation needs, from planning to implementation.

Supervision for quality standards Our engineers supervise the execution to ensure the highest standards are maintained and completion is on time.

Projects that we have already supported

We can look back on numerous challenging and successful projects. Here you can see a selection of projects that we have managed and completed in the field of electrical planning.